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Rosedale Drive Area (Gainesville) Order Now

4:04PM September 26, 2018

Congratulations Rosedale Drive area in Gainesville! Nortex Lightspeed is in your neighborhood!
Your fiber network is still in progress,  so call (940) 759-2251 to place your order TODAY to get the Installation Fee waived while we’re still in your neighborhood!

  • Main line of the fiber network is close to completion
  • Technicians are preparing to splice fiber
  • ACTION REQUIRED:  Schedule to have a drop placed to your home! 
  • No customers have been turned up at this time
To order Nortex Lightspeed, please call (940) 759-2251. Upon ordering, our contractors will need access to place drops to your home. Once the connection is built, a Nortex representative will then be in touch over the next few months to schedule your personal cutover.  

If you have already placed an order, we look forward to serving you with the fastest and most reliable Internet service in the area! Don't forget to tell your neighbors that they too can be the fastest home on the block! 

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