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6:04PM September 23, 2017

Chris Nelson

Montague is incredibly under served. 4G wireless is largely the only option and the only provider without a small data cap is at 100% capacity and not accepting any new customers from Montague. DSL is largely unavailable. Nortex is currently running fiber optic infrastructure in the vicinity of FM-455 and FM-1749. It appears the Forestburg area now extends all the way to Sunset. I am anxious to see if Nortex continues the FM-455 leg 10 miles to Montague. Windstream also has a fiber co-lo in the center of town. It would seem to be in Nortex best interest to drop some strands there. Nortex could extend services to Bowie and beyond very quickly by leveraging Windstream resources.

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9:33AM September 15, 2020

alia thompson
it would be great to see Nortex in Nocona texas and get rid of the horrible service from Windstream and the bad customer service